Alkaram Spring/Summer Lawn Vol-2 By Vintage

Al-karam  Summer Range 2015 Volume 2: Alkaram is one of the most famous and well known textile mills in Pakistan fashion market. This brand has been working as one of the reputed clothing brands since 1980 and for the last several years they have been one of the most prominent brands in the middle of the fashion market. The clothing collections of Alkaram are witnessed for both men and women and are normally seen within the casual wear and formal wear suiting.

Apart from it, the seasonal collections of Alkaram are also appreciated hugely for the summer, midsummer and winter timings. There are many famous designers in Pakistan that work in association with Alkaram for highlighting their dazzling collections just as Umer Sayeed and Faiza Samee. They have opened their outlets in every single city of Pakistan and are gaining even huge positive responses as well.

This time freshly, Alkaram has launched their top stunning and one of the newest exclusive spring/summer lawn volume 2 by Vintage. This whole spring/summer lawn collection 2015 has been fixed with a lot striking and newest style trendy clothes that have always been loved by the women. The clothes have been categorized with three piece suits that are covering shirt, trouser and duppatta.

The trousers have been kept as simple and plain whereas the shirts and dupattas have been stroked with the company of little embroidery and pattern designing formations. All the spring summer dresses have been filled with much brighter and quite fun loving vivid shades that are making the collection colorful and full of life adding with red, white, blue, green, yellow, pink and purple.

In this article we will share out some pictures of Alkaram spring/summer lawn Vol-2 by Vintage. Apart from the designing and styling, the women will even love to get closer with many fresh looking styles and cuts such as splendor, criss cross, vintage, craft imprints and so many others. The women can make the choice of all such dresses for get together functions and events as well.

The use of cuts and hues have been driven out to be maximum creative and out of ordinary as well. All in all this spring summer lawn Vol-2 by Vintage has been dazzlingly superb and mind-blowing finished for the women and we are sure that all the women will love this collection just like all other previous collections by Alkaram. So all the women just fasten your seat belts and get ready to grab this collection.

Al-karam  Summer Range 2015 Volume 2

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