Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina Match Results

The Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina match results for all their fans. The officials of the match have declared that this match will be taking place live on 15th December 2012.This match has been holding great importance for both the boxers because this match has been enriched with the two best boxers. They have done a lot more training for winning this match.

Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina Match Results


Both of the players are fully aware from the good and bad points of one another and hence they will be fighting for winning this title at any cost. As we all know that both the players are unbeatable in their own rings and both of hem has even arrived one on one in the past as well.

If we look back at the history matches of both these boxers then this match is much important for Amir Khan because he has already lost two matches in the past because of the controversy and if he lost this match then his boxing career will be in danger to get over and end. He has been even carrying out extra training hours and has even changed his training coach as well. His new coach is Virgil Hunter.

Amir Khan stated that as he has lost many matches so he is much able to get closer with his mistakes and main weaknesses and he is all set to get improved with all such weak points. On the other side of the image Carlos has been one of the strongest boxers of United Nation and from the last few years his boxing career is on the peak. Well let’s see that which boxer will shine his luck on 15th December 2012 and whose career will come to the downfall.

Round By Round Scorecard

Round 1

Khan 10-9 Molina

Round 2

Khan 20-18 Molina

Round 3

Khan 30-27 Molina

 Round 4

Khan 40-36 Molina

Round 5

Khan 50-45 Molina

Round 6

Khan 60-54 Molina

Round 7

Khan 70-63 Molina

Round 8

Khan 80-72 Molina

Round 9

Khan 90-81 Molina

Round 10

Khan wins by 10th-round retirement

Amir Khan Beats Carlos Molina


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