Aplus Best TV Show Nargis & Naughty

Have you ever gain the chance of watching the Aplus Best TV show Nargis N Naughty? Well of not than you have probably done a big mistake. This show is considered to be one of the biggest and favorite shows on the Aplus. It would not be wrong to say that the Aplus channel has just received the fame and big name because of the Nargis N Naughty. The main host of this show is the famous and popular stage actress Nargis who make the people to take pleasure from her interesting and exciting stories and funny talk. The show is produced and directed by Irfan Aslam and Executive Producer is Irfan Asghar.

Nargis and Naughty

The entire show has been come forward with the fresh ideas and themes. In the show at first the Nargis make the people with her funny talk and afterwards the guest are invited with huge zeal and welcome words. The Guest is questioned about their personal and professional life. So far many guests have been invited in the show that have hugely appreciated the show management and the way they welcome their guest with great honor and rewards.

Well on the other hand the best thing the show is the appearance of the guest Naseem Vickey. He is another most reputed name in the stage profession and is also one of the closest friends of Nargis. Naseem and Nargis perform a small act as well for the entertainment of the viewers. The public audience has also been commenced in the show for getting connected with the guests. In addition, as we know that Nargis is also a good and trained dancer as well so how it is expected that the Nargis & Naughty would not accompany any dance.

Yes you are absolutely right the show also carries a small dance performance as well with the guests. One of the most loved dance performnec by the viewers was the one which was done by Babrik Shah with Nargis as he was invited as a guest in her show.

This show is normally shown on the weekends for the people. On the whole if anyone of you have still not take the pleasure from this show then watch it now. You will really find the Nargis talk show as filled with fun, smiles and exciting talk and you would love to watch the show again and again.

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