Asim Jofa Raw Silk Charmeuse Collection 2014

All the way in this article we will going to share with the latest and brand new Asim Jofa Raw Silk Charmeuse collection 2014. Asim Jofa has been known as being one of the most famous and hence one of the renowned fashion houses in Pakistan. This brand is run and supervised by one of the brilliant talented fashion designers named as Asim Jofa. Each year Asim Jofa has given something fresh looking and unique in his clothing line that is all surrounded by the formal wear, casual wear plus ready to wear and seasonal dresses designs as well.

This time Asim Jofa has showcased out with the incredible and alluring Raw Silk Charmeuse collection 2014. This collection has been basically highlighting with the three piece suits that are adding with the long shirts and trousers or shalwars and dupattas.

This collection is quite attractive looking as all the designs are incredible western plus eastern as well. All the shirts have been covered with the fabulous beautification of embroidery as well as floral print styling as well. In this post we will love to share out some pictures of Asim Jofa Raw Silk Charmeuse collection 2014. The colors used in the silk dresses are vivid and vibrant color shades that are looking awesome for the eyes.

This collection has been designed for the women of all the ages and young girls for the sake of formal functions plus family gatherings as well. Some of the shirts are even added with the hues that are giving away the feel of being artistic and innovative to all the shirts. All the dresses designs are latest and just within the newest and trendier style trends. On the whole this Asim Jofa Raw Silk Charmeuse collection 2014 is marvelous and incredible designed out for the fashion lovers.

Asim Jofa Raw Silk Charmeuse Collection 2014

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