Pakistani Boutique in Chicago

Pakistani Boutique in Chicago: Do you live in Chicago? Are you looking for some of the best dresses designs of some of the renowned fashion designers just by sitting inside the Chicago? Well if yes then we are sure that all the way through this article you will be getting some of the best known details about it.

As we all know the fact that with the passage of time Pakistan fashion market is ruling over the entire nation worldwide and they are becoming one of the wanted ones. Pakistani designers are becoming the king of the fashion market not just in Pakistan but even on the international level as well.

All the way in the below article we will be sharing the names of some of the well known Pakistani boutiques in Chicago. Let’s have a quick look over the list…..

 Boutique in Chicago


  1. JJ: JJ is known as one of the most famous and well known newly emerging fashion houses in Pakistan. This brand was established in 2000 by the supervision of famous singer Junaid Jamshed as the brand owner. He has been best known in sharing with the men and women clothing lines along with the kidswear as well. This fashion hub has been all involved in sharing with the men and women, shalwar kameez, casual and formal wear plus ready to wear as well. Their dresses designs have always been loved and well liked because of the creative styling plus the use of innovative hues and cuts as well. He has even set up with their clothing lines in international fashion market as well.
  2. HSY Studio: HSY is famously known as Hassan Shehreyar Yasin inside the Pakistan. He is one of the top fashion designers in Pakistan that have accounted his name with the gigantic fame and success. He has been offering with the clothing lines for both men and women that are highlighted in the categories of the casual, formal, semi- formal, eastern or western and so on. After gaining the heights of success in Pakistan he has arrived with his exceptional clothing lines inside Dubai, Manchester and Houston, New York and so on.
  3. Karma: On the next we have the name of Karma! Karma is marked as one of the most top famous and one of the popular fashion houses. This brand house has been set up by Maheen Kardar as the brand owner. Karma has been known as one of the skillful fashion designed that offer out with the lavishing clothing collections for the women inside the seasonal and occasional happenings. So far the way they bring out their dresses designs in the incredible way of highlighting the clothing stylish hues are always loved and well liked.

We hope that through this article you must have learnt all the main Pakistani boutiques in Chicago! Now we are sure that even after living in Chicago you will love to catch some of the traditional and elegant looking dresses of Pakistani designers…

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