Atlas Honda Bike Price In Pakistan 2024

The most recent prices of Atlas Honda 2024 motorcycles in Pakistan have been increased, in line with the recent trend of rising prices in the automobile industry in the country.

This is the second time that Honda Atlas has raised prices in February, with the latest increase ranging from Rs7,400 to Rs30,000.

Atlas Honda Bike Price In Pakistan
Atlas Honda Bike Price In Pakistan

These new prices became effective on February 15 and the updated retail selling prices (ex-factory) are as follows:

Atlas Honda Bike Price In Pakistan 2024

Model Retail price
(exclusive of sales tax)
Sales tax — 18% Retail price
(inclusive of sales tax)
CD70 (Red, Black) Rs116,864.41 Rs21,035.59 Rs137,900
CD70 DREAM Rs125,000 Rs22,500 Rs147,500
PRIDOR (Red, Black, Blue) Rs153,813.56 Rs27,686.44 Rs181,500
CG125 (Red, Black) Rs174,491.53 Rs31,408.47 Rs205,900
CG125S (Red, Black) Rs206,694.92 Rs37,205.08 Rs243,900
CB125F (Red, Black, Blue) Rs280,423.73 Rs50,476.27 Rs330,900
CB150F (Red, Black) Rs355,000 Rs63,900 Rs418,900
CB150F (Silver) Rs358,389.83 Rs64,510.17 Rs422,900

It is worth noting that the general sales tax (GST) rate was recently increased to 18% during the Finance (Supplementary) Bill 2024, which was presented by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to the National Assembly. Consequently, it is expected that prices for various goods and services across various industries and sectors will rise.

The Pakistani automobile sector has been adversely affected by the economic crisis, with challenges related to the opening of letters of credit and a weakening rupee, resulting in rapidly depleting foreign exchange reserves.

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