Ayesha Bakhsh Wedding Pictures

GEO News Caster Ayesha Baksh Wedding Pictures: In this article we will be sharing with our readers all the Ayesha Bakhsh wedding pictures. But before that we will like to give a small introduction about Ayesha Bakhsh. She is one of the most famous and well known anchors and journalist. We have often seen her broadcasting the news on the GEO TV many times. In 2007 Ayesha Bakhsh joined GEO TV and since that time scale she has been working with the GEO Telecommunication Limited.

Before entering into the GEO TV she was working with ARY Digital TV. But soon she changed her way towards the GEO TV. She has been gaining many appreciations because of her way of conducting the news and in just least time period she became one of the prominent faces.

Geo Ayesha Bakhsh 01

Well in last little timing you might have noticed that Ayesha Bakhsh was not seen on the GEO TV for long scale. Well the actual reason for her break was her marriage. Yes you are absolutely right! Ayesha Bakhsh has knotted into the relationship of marriage with Adnan. In this article we will be sharing best pictures of Ayesha Bakhsh wedding pictures.

In the main wedding day she was looking just gorgeous as she was dresses in red long lehenga. Her beauty and the way she was handling the dress so gracefully was just catching the attention of every single guest. As we look upon the guest list then the event was just accompanying the family mates, friends and her co-workers journalist and anchors.

Well this was all about the Ayesha Bakhsh wedding details. We hope that you would have enjoyed watching these wedding pictures. Now Ayesha Bakhsh has arrived back on geo TV and one more time you will viewing this anchor broadcasting news for you all.

Ayesha Bakhsh Wedding Pictures

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