Bilal and Uroosa’s Family Vacation in Murree Pictures

Uroosa Qureshi and Bilal Qureshi are two highly acclaimed Pakistani actors who form a charming couple. They tied the knot in 2015 after realizing their mutual love.

They have two adorable sons, Sohan and Romaan. Currently, Bilal Qureshi’s drama, Meesni, is gaining popularity.

Bilal and Uroosa’s Family Vacation in Murree

The couple is cherished by millions of fans for their remarkable on-screen chemistry. Bilal and Uroosa enjoy sharing their precious family moments with their fans. They frequently post pictures of their family on their social media platforms.

Recently, the couple shared pictures from their vacation in Murree with their sons, Roman and Sohan. They had a fantastic time amidst the snow in Murree. Take a look at the pictures shared by Bilal and Uroosa with their sons.

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