Broadcasting Rights For Pakistan Super League

As we all know that Pakistan Super League will be soon starting for the cricket lovers. This event will be highlighted under the collaboration of Pakistan Cricket Board. Before the commencement of the happening, PCB has invited upon many internet website holders, sports channels and mobile telephony owners for putting the bids for buying the broadcasting rights of the Pakistan Super League. This tournament will be launched from 26th March by this year.

Pakistan Super League - PSL

Here we would like to inform one thing for the readers that according to the news reports it has been affirmed that these rights can be carried out for the next five years i.e. 2013 till 2017. All the legal internet parties that are interested to highlight this event they are required to submit up all their official and financial papers and business documents by 10th February, 2013.

Now we would give little details about the Pakistan Super League. This league will be accompanying five owners who will be buying at least 10 players in their team. There will be six overseas players and maximum two emerging players. PCB has sell out all the teams separately at the cost of 20 Lakh Dollars while the rates of the players have been divided into three main categories adding with diamond, platinum and golden.

The particular player that will be set first at the top position he will be honored with USD 100,000 in the bid method. Every year this Pakistan Super League will be commenced for polishing up the skills and magnitude levels of the players and we hope that this will also bring a positive change in the player abilities and working methods as well. On the whole of it all the cricket fans out there if you are excited for this event then don’t forget to catch this Super League at any cost.

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