Chennai Express Enters Rs 200 Crore Club

Do you know that Chennai Express enters Rs. 200 crore club? Chennai Express was one of the most awaited films in the Bollywood. Since its shooting and the cast discussion many expectations were being made from this movie and definitely it has not let down its fans hopes and expectations. One more time Chennai Express and Red Chillies Entertainment has proved that they are no longer less competitive with rest of the best production houses. This film is seemed like getting on a long roller coaster drive because it is filling its account with huge sum of money.

Yes you are absolutely right! Chennai Express has entered into the amount of Rs. 200 crore club in just the beginning of the release. Well this is probably going to be good news for its fans who were excitedly waiting around for getting the film net worth results.


Chennai Express is basically directed by Rohit Shetty and the production of the film has been done by Red Chillies Entertainment which is the won production of Shahrukh Khan. In the main cast of the film we have Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. The film has been based upon the complete romantic and action packed movie in which there is romance and thrill fighting as well. In the first week of release this film has earned the gross of 100 crores and in the second week it took hold over the 200 crores with the titanic success. This film was released for the fans on the occasion of Eid i.e. 8th August 2013.

According to the trade analyst this film will going to earn the gross of Rs. 22.5 crores in the second week and this prediction appears to be true to some extent. Talking about the successful business of Chennai Expres Shahrukh Khan stated that: “I am not saying I know the business 100 per cent but I do know something.

Half my life I’ve kept doing movies and then I think – I want to make movies for the South Indian market but that market can change, taste can change. I want to make movies for critics but critics and their appreciation can change for a certain kind of cinema. And then I make movies because my heart says so.”

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