Dengue Fever Symptoms – Treatment – Diagnosis – Causes

Dengue is counted amongst the most dangerous and unbearable ailments in the whole world. Although it can be cured easily but it involves the person into wide varieties of difficult and crucial stages that slows down the power of the person to fight against the Dengue.

Dengue Fever Symptoms – Treatment – Diagnosis – Causes

Dengue is just seen by the stink of a mosquito that spreads its entire poison into the human body with just one bite and that poison leads to the stages of Dengue. Dengue has been normally discovered to be foremost founded in the Asia, Africa and South America. But the way it has got stick with the people of Pakistan it seems like it will never leave them. Let us discuss some of the essential causes, signs and preventation stages for the Dengue fever.


As we mentioned earlier that this fever takes place due to the birth of poison of mosquito in the human body. This small stick leads the person into the fever conditions and makes them get into the hospital and forces him or her to get disconnected with the outside world for maximum two months.


When we look upon the initial stages of Dengue fever then at first the person gets trapped into the high extreme fever after three days. This fever gives a massive pain in his or her whole body. Moreover, small red spots also begin to emerge on the body and face section. In addition vomiting and bleeding from nose and teeth is the final and emergency needed circumstances.


Well there are no such treatments and therapies for the approval of Dengue fever but the person has to examine out his blood level test so that the doctor would come to know the level height of poison that is slowly spreading in the body.


In case of Dengue fever the patient is required to take full bed rest and take his medicines regularly. In view of pain in body the Ibuprofen and Aspirin will e the all the more significant and relaxing selection by the patient.                                     


 In view of the precautionary terms don’t forget to make the use of mosquito sprays at daytime and even in the night. Make your surroundings free from fresh and clean water because the mosquito normally built up their homes in water. Lastly if you have the habit of leaving in open place always cover your all four sides of bed with net fabric.

Dengue Fever Treatment In Urdu

Dengue Fever Treatment In Urdu
Dengue Fever Treatment In Urdu

Well on the whole these were some of the major causes and arrival stages of Dengue fever but at the end it is also concluded that the person can even take care himself just by taking some caring steps.

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