Fight of Amir Khan Vs Carlos Molina

Fight of Amir Khan Vs Carlos Molina will be held on 15th December 2012. This match will surely be a nail biting match for the fans of both the boxers and especially for the lovers of Amir Khan because this match will decide his future in the world of boxing. However, no one can deny out the talent and skill of Amir Khan within the boxing ring but sometimes the luck doesn’t go the entire path with life and for the last few matches Amir Khan has been just facing the picture of losing the games.

Fight of Amir Khan Vs Carlos Molina


Amir Khan has stated that this will be the most important match of his life because in this match all the fans will be witnessing the new face of their boxer. He has done many practices and trainings for winning this match and hence proving his actual magnitude after beating Carlos Molina.

As Amir Khan has lost many matches in the past therefore he was not bale to get listed for the World boxing Championship and if he lost this match then his boxing future will be at the end of dangerous zone. He further said that “Carlos think that I am still a child for this game but this match will make it clear that Carlos has done a biggest mistake of choosing me as his opponent”.

He makes it clear that it will never make the mistake of doing hurry for knocking down the Carlos. He will be taking every step carefully and attentively. Well at the end of this detail we just hope that may Amir Khan face the image of success and victory against the unbeaten Carlos Molina because this match can even lead us to never see the face of Amir Khan in the boxing ring in future.

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