Peoples Waiting For Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina Fight

All the fans and lovers of Amir Khan and Carlos Molina are curiously waiting for the day of 15th December 2012 when they will cheer up their favorite players for reaching to the success. This match will be taking place at Los Angeles at Memorial Sports Arena. This center can take hold over almost 17,000 observers. According to the reports many people are even carrying out the bookings as well because they are much anxious for this event.

Peoples Waiting For Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina Fight


Los Angeles is the hometown of Carlos Molina so all the fans will be just boosting up their home boxer but at this stage all the prayers and cheer up claps should be carried out for Amir Khan. He is making his comeback with this match and it is much vital for him to hold success tag over this match. If he lost this match then his career will come at the end of destruction at all means.

Everyone knows that Carlos has been the unbeatable boxer for the last few matches and he is even hundred percent sure for his victory. In his every single statement he has been under estimating Amir Khan and making him feel bad that he has done the biggest mistake of his boxing career after choosing Carlos as his opponent for comeback match. But still Amir Khan has full faith over his skills and he has promised his fans that this time they will be witnessing a new Amir Khan in the ring who will just fighting for giving another survival breathe to his career.

Well no matter that Los Angeles is hometown of Carlos but sometimes prayers have more power so let’s hope that Amir Khan make out the success and rule over the Boxing world one more time just for his fans and lovers.

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