Geo TV Blasphemy in Morning Show Utho Jago Pakistan

All religious and Sufi Groups heavily Criticized Shaista Lodhi’s Morning Show Utho Jago Pakistan. The main reason is that they sang Manabqat on Veena Malik Wedding Reenactment Ceremony. On Ary New Kharra Sach Program Mubashar Luqman Raised Serious Issue.

As Hazrat fatimazahra (RAA),Veena Malik has been portrayed. As Hazrat Ali (RA) HER HUSBAND has been portrayed.

In fresh episode of Khara Sachon Ary News Hamid Raza Chairman SIC and Allama Abbas Kumaili Jafaria discussed that This Henious Show Condenmed by All Religious parties. Mazhar Abbas rizvi, Allama Tahir Ashrafi, Sahibzada Hamid Raza, Ali Raza Bukhari Condemned This Show.

Shaista Wahidi

For Apology All Religious leaders asked. Pressure From all Parties and Groups finally From the People of Pakistan Shaista Lodhi do Appology. she said by Mistake all this was Done.

Ali RazaBukhari, VP of Tahaffuz e Azadari Councilsaidto the news channel by disrespecting the family of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Geo TV has attempted blasphemy and we will take serious legal action about it.

Geo Tv Controversy Utho Jago Pakistan

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