Google Will Not Remove Anti-Islam Movie From YouTube

As soon as the Anti-Islam Movie was come forward before the people it spread a worldwide anger fire in the hearts of every Muslim. There would be no Muslim in this world who would favor to listen a single disrespecting word against the Holy Prophet.

No doubt that YouTube is an international website therefore as the Muslims rose their weapons for protest against anti-Islam movie the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the PTA to close down and banned the YouTube in Pakistan.

But unfortunately the Google doesn’t close down their YouTube facility and also didn’t remove the whole anti-Islam movie material. But they are not aware from the fact that millions of people will visit the Google for watching the film and again a new fire will take place in their hearts.

The company members has revealed that they will not remove the film from the YouTube because several people have been watching this film and this film certainly stands well according to their term and conditions but the White House and Google is not aware from the protest against anti-Islam movie.

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