Muslim Protest Against the Anti-Islam Film

Well there would be no one who is not talking about the Anti-Islam film these days. That’s not the first time that the Britishers have attacked the dignity of Muslims and disrespected the beloved religion of Islam. The film mainly projects the humiliation in relation with the personality of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

As soon as the film trailer was launched on the YouTube it spread like fire in the Muslim community. In every single hook and corner of the Muslim country protest against the British has been carried but this protest taken the life of many innocent people who lay down their life for fighting against the humiliation of Holy Prophet. Let us look over some of the facts and figures regarding the main damages of lives taken in face of protest.

Muslim Protest Against the Anti Islam Film


Number Of Countries Protesting:

According to the news reports almost more than 20 Muslim countries have stood for the protest. Some of the prominent countries included were Egypt, Iran, Lebanon and Indonesia. In addition approximately 400 protestors were rolling down on the streets for making the Britishers realize of their mistake.

Number of People Died:

As many people were innocently killed during the protest therefore there are about 2 Australian police officers including 17 protestors in the country of Sydney. Additionally, there are round about 10 people who died while protesting for the film in the worldwide riots.

Protestors In Kabul:

As the Kabul is a Muslim Country therefore many wide range of protest were also witnessed in that area that forces over 2,000 people to turn on to the streets. Almost 50 police forces were positioned for stopping the march of protestors.

Protest in Baluchistan:

A protest was also undertaken in the province of Baluchistan and almost 3000 students from different schools has taken the part in the procession and they have told that their teachers and professors have themselves instructed them to leave the class and get connected with the protest.

Killings in Libya:

Last Tuesday a protest was carried out in Libya in which they tries to attack the United States Consulate and many protestors were taken into custody by the police. In such protest 4 Americans were killed including American Ambassador.

On the whole it is concluded that the total budget of disgusting and nude Anti-Islam film was around $ 100,000. However, the Government of Pakistan has Closed Down The YouTube in Pakistan and has even announced a public holiday on 21st September 2012 as the day of “Youm-e-Ashiq” and the whole country will protest against the film with full disciplined manner and without holding ant killings and injuries.

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