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If you are currently planning to visit the Karachi then you will surely have to keep yourself update with the list of guest houses in Karachi. Karachi has been known as the city of lights that is always shining. There are many exciting and fun loving places that have been placed within the city of Karachi adding with the sea point that has not been seen ever in Lahore or Islamabad.

This has been one of the main attractions that grab the interest of millions of Pakistanis towards Karachi. This city is even lucky with the fact that the founder and father of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam was also born with the motherland of this city and his tomb has also been placed within the center of this city.

Karachi Map

In addition, this city has been filled with the parks and fun loving areas that are always a dream to visit. As we look upon the guest services of Karachi then we will definitely mention about the guest houses. In Karachi the concept of guest houses has been limited with the serving of bed and breakfast for one night or a week stay. Such guest houses are much offered to all such visitors who are homeless and have just arrive from other cities and countries for witnessing the beauty of Karachi.

There are huge sum of the guest houses that have been placed in different areas of Karachi and there rates are also varied accordingly with the location of that area. If the guest house has been placed at middle areas then its rates will certainly be normal affordable for the visitors. In this article we are sharing the list of all the known and famous guest houses that are currently functioning in Karachi.

Some of the most famous guest houses fall within the areas of Defence that are much costly but in turn they serve the guest with the facilities of the five star hotels. Don’t forget to get hold over the exciting services of all such guest houses whenever you visit Karachi. Well on the whole of it let’s just not waste any more time and check out the names of some of the highly renowned guest houses in Karachi.


  • Invite Inn Guest House
  • Horizon Guest House
  • Star Guest House
  • Royal Inn Guest House
  • Shahzad Cottage
  • Saraj Premium Guest House



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