Hajj Mubarak SMS Wishes in Urdu 2024

2024 Hajj Mubarak Wishes in Urdu: As we all know that this is the month in which people go and perform Hajj 2024 so there is a lot of hype in the Muslim countries especially. People wish others who are going to perform Hajj and everyone is in a hurry of getting their stuff packed and just takes off to the great holy place.

So this is one of those events on which you have to wish others for going to perform Hajj which is a great thing in the lives of Muslims so what we need is the way of wishing others.

Masjidil Haram
Masjidil Haram

In other words, how do we wish others regarding the Hajj! The answer to it is very simple because you can just simply SMS someone to whom you wanted to wish or there are Hajj Mubarak SMS Wishes in Urdu present online which can be used for this purpose. Moreover, these wishes are made especially for the Hajj purpose and almost everyone is unique from other wish. The Hajj Mubarak SMS Wishes in Urdu makes it very simple for you to wish others on this auspicious occasion.

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So now you do not have to worry about how to wish people because you have got the facility of wishing others through Hajj Mubarak SMS Wishes in Urdu. Furthermore, Urdu will make it more comfortable for others to read and understand the wish, also the one who is wishing others would be able to express his or her own emotions and feeling with more depth. So you should be using the Hajj Mubarak SMS Wishes in Urdu for wishing others on the right time before it gets too late. Hence,

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you should avail this opportunity to wish others by using the Hajj Mubarak SMS Wishes in Urdu. This is simply the best way you can wish someone!

Zil Hajj Chand Mubarak

  • Zil Hajj Ka Chand Mubarak ho. May Allah bless you and give you all the happiness…


  • Zilhaj Ka Chand MUBRK.
    Allah apko or apki famly ko tmam khushia or hzaro eidian nasib kray.
    Tamam ghamo sy dur pur skun zindgi mily or hajj ki sadat nasib ho.

Hajj Mubarak SMS Wishes in Urdu

  • May Allah’s blessing light your way, strengthen
    your faith and bring joy to your heart as you
    praise and serve Him today, tomorrow and always.
    Hajj Mubarak


  • “Hajj offered with all its requirements is
    reward with Paradise.”
    (Muslim, 1349)
    Hajj Mubarak


  • .*.¤.¤.¤.=======¤.¤.¤
    |APPY |.*.*.*.*.**
    |””__””| .*.*.*.*
    month of Zil-Hajj


  • O Allah! I turn to You, repose trust in You and seek
    Your pleasure. I beseech You to bless my journey,
    fulfill my wishes and include me among those
    superior to me whom You honour today.
    Hajj Mubarak


  • The blessings of Hajj
    The Prophet (PBUH) said:
    “ONe who offers Hajj in His way and
    doesn’t speak obscene language,
    and doesn’t commit sins, will come
    back (purified) as he was at the time
    of his birth.”


    Jis Ne Hajj Kiya
    Aur Iss Mai Fasak Aur
    Buraiyon Se Bacha Raha
    To Aisa Pak Ho Saaff Ho Kar Lote Ga
    Jese Us Din Tha
    Jub Ise Iss Ki Maa Ne Janam Dia

Frequently Asked Questions about Hajj Wishes:

What are Hajj wishes and why are they important?

Hajj wishes refer to the prayers and desires that individuals have when embarking on the Hajj pilgrimage, which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. These wishes are personal and can vary from person to person. They are important because they reflect the spiritual aspirations and goals of the pilgrim during their sacred journey to Mecca.

How can I make my Hajj wishes more meaningful?

To make your Hajj wishes more meaningful, consider the following:

  • Reflect on the purpose of your pilgrimage and focus on deepening your connection with Allah.
  • Make sincere supplications and ask for forgiveness, guidance, and blessings for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Include prayers for the well-being and prosperity of the Muslim Ummah (community) and the world at large.
  • Seek to align your wishes with the values and teachings of Islam, emphasizing virtues such as compassion, patience, and humility.

Are there specific times or places where I should make my Hajj wishes?

While there are no specific times or places mandated for making Hajj wishes, there are certain moments during the Hajj pilgrimage that are considered auspicious for supplication. These include:

  • The Day of Arafah: The most significant day of Hajj, where pilgrims gather in the plain of Arafah and engage in prayers and reflection.
  • The nights of Muzdalifah: Pilgrims spend the night in Muzdalifah after the day of Arafah, offering prayers and supplications.
  • Tawaf: Circumambulating the Kaaba in Mecca during Hajj is another moment to make heartfelt wishes.

Can I write down my Hajj wishes?

Yes, it is absolutely permissible to write down your Hajj wishes. In fact, many pilgrims find it helpful to jot down their aspirations and prayers beforehand, as it allows them to articulate their thoughts more effectively.

Writing down your wishes can serve as a reminder and help you stay focused during the pilgrimage. However, remember that the sincerity and intention behind your wishes are of utmost importance.

What should I do after making my Hajj wishes?

After making your Hajj wishes, it is important to have trust and faith in Allah’s wisdom and divine decree. Here are some suggestions for what you can do:

  • Engage in additional acts of worship, such as voluntary prayers, recitation of the Quran, and remembrance of Allah.
  • Continue to supplicate and seek forgiveness even after the completion of Hajj.
  • Strive to implement the positive changes and lessons learned during the pilgrimage in your daily life.
  • Share the blessings of Hajj by performing acts of charity and kindness towards others.
  • Maintain a connection with the Islamic community and seek ongoing spiritual growth.

how to wish someone going for hajj in urdu?

May Allah bless you with a safe and blessed journey of Hajj. May your pilgrimage be accepted, and may you return with renewed faith, forgiveness, and blessings. Praying for your well-being and a spiritually fulfilling experience. May Allah fulfill all your wishes and grant you the highest ranks in Jannah (Paradise).
Remember, the essence of Hajj lies not only in the fulfillment of rituals but also in the transformation of one’s heart and actions.

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