History of African Swords


The most common and popular African swords are Kaskara swords and nimcha swords. Various cultures in Africa have developed or introduced various styles History of swords. In West African Yoruba, many African people use African swords known as Ida. In this African sword, the blade was designed as the leaf shape along with single cutting edge or double cutting edge.

Other African edged weapons were prepared by African people like single edged curved sword, Agedengbe African sword and sabre Tanmogayi African sword. These days, the modern African sword is Machete African sword.

In eastern Sahel African region, long and double edged sword also known as Kaskara African sword. This type of African sword has straight blade along with spatulate tip.

History of African Swords

African Swords

This type of African sword was worn in horizontally shape across the person back or between the person upper arm and thorax. On the other hand, in western African Sahel region the popular and famous African swords are Tuareg African sword, Hausa African sword and Fulani African sword. These straight African blades are getting very popular among Africans.

Moreover, in Africa northwest the popular African swords are single edged Nimcha African sword and Flyssa African sword. In additionally, Nimcha African sword has more substantial and unique blade as compared to Flyssa African sword.

Finally, we can say that if person wants to collect African swords then it is very important that person should read the history of African swords.




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