Pakistani Folk Singer Reshma Biography

Here we will Pakistani Folk Singer Reshma Biography. Reshma is the most renowned and leading folk singer of Pakistan. Firstly, we would like to discuss her early life. Reshma was born in Rajasthan around 1947. The father of Reshma Haji Mamad Mushtaq was the horse trader from Malashi. Reshma did not receive any type of formal education and she spends her maximum time of her childhood at the mazars.

When Reshma was only 12 years old, she was spotted singing at the popular Shahbaz Qalandar Shrine by the television as well as radio producer.

Pakistani Singer Reshma

Her famous numbers or songs are Dama Dam Mast Kalandar, Wey Main Chori Chori and many more others. During her singing career, she was invited for a meeting with Indian Prime Minister named as Indira Ghandhi.

In 2002, we would like to mention that she performed at the Brunei Gallery. In 2006, Reshma was one of the passengers on the inaugural of the Lahore-Amritsar bus.

Moreover, if we talk about her present life then she was diagnosed with the serious illness cancer in 1980. In additionally, leading former President Pervez Musharraf visited to her aid and gave one million Rupees.

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Moreover, he also helped Reshma for securing her plot of land. On the channel of Hum TV, Reshma said that she was very unhappy with the audience because she was forgotten.

She also discussed Zardari government for stopping her financial assistance. Furthermore, she also said that during her tour in India, the government officials asked her to stay in India because she was born in Rajasthan but she returned to Pakistan.

We would like to mention that the daughter of Reshma named as Shazia Reshma also sings with her mother on different talk shows and events. Because of her illness, it won’t possible for Reshma to sing properly.

Lastly, we would like to mention that these days her current residence is in Lahore. Her younger sister named as Kaneez Reshma is also the professional classical singer. On 6th April 2013, the health of Reshma was badly deteriorated and then she was hospitalized in Lahore.

The current caretaker government has decided to pay all the medical expenses of Reshma. In the final conclusion we can say that Pakistani singer Reshma without any doubt is the ultimate and valuable asset for Pakistan. These days, she is facing very serious illness and it’s the duty of government to pay her medical expenses.

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Early Life and Stardom

Born in Rajasthan, Reshma’s destiny led her to Karachi after India’s Partition. Discovered at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine, her voice soared with “Laal Meri,” catapulting her into fame.

Voice Beyond Boundaries

“Ankhiyan Nu Rehen De,” “Lambi Judai,” and “Hai O Rabba Nahion Lagda Dil Mera” made Reshma an icon. Her songs, a bridge between cultures, touched hearts in Pakistan and India alike.

Legacy of Melodies

Reshma’s voice adorned Pakistani and Indian film soundtracks. “Lambi Judai” remains immortal, uniting hearts on both sides of the border.

Triumph Over Adversity

Diagnosed with throat cancer, Reshma’s spirit remained unbroken. Her humility and dedication inspired millions worldwide.

Awards and Influence

Reshma’s contributions earned her the Sitara-e-Imtiaz and the Pride of Performance Award. Her influence transcends time.

Enduring Melodies

Reshma’s songs are more than music; they’re a piece of her soul. Her melodies continue to resonate, bridging cultures and generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Reshma?

A celebrated Pakistani folk singer known for her powerful vocals.

Famous songs by Reshma?

“Hai O Rabba Nahion Lagda Dil Mera,” “Ankhiyan Nu Rehen De,” “Lambi Judai.”

Reshma’s birthplace?

Rajasthan, India.

Relocation after Partition?

Karachi, Pakistan.

Formal education?

None; sang at Sufi shrines.

How did Reshma start?

Discovered at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine, recorded “Laal Meri.”

Challenges in her career?

Fought throat cancer, yet performed relentlessly.

Awards received?

  • Sitara-e-Imtiaz
  • Pride of Performance Award.

Iconic Indian film song?

“Lambi Judai” in “Hero.”

Reshma’s legacy?

Her melodies unite hearts across borders.

Who is Reshma’s daughter?

She is survived by son Umair and daughter Khadija. Reshma’s tribe had migrated to Karachi shortly after partition.

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  1. may god bless her and hope she will recover from the trauma she is facing now, i am a big fan of her voice, she would have become a great singer if she would have been in india, she is the greatest singer in our continent like latha mangeshkar both are greats one cannot compare with each other one is the queen of melody and the other one is the queen of the rag, i always listen her songs especially lambi judai , main jana pardes with parvez mehdi who is another great singer , i first heard her song in hindi film hero in which she sung lambi judai , but i dont know that she is the play back singer from pakistan i thought may be some singer from rajasthan has sung this song but now after searching google i came to know about her past that she was a great folk sufi singer , i heard her song with parvez mehdi main jana pardes main jana tere nal which was a super song sung by both , but after i heard that she is presently facing some serious illness i felt as if i lost something very valuable thing in my life i may not again listen her song singing live , i pray to almighty that he bless her and make her sing again like before and win the present generations hearts


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