How Many Salary Increase In Budget 2015-16 Pakistan

Through the Federal Budget 2015-16, it can be well estimated that the salary increase will be around 10% to 15% and the overall increase in the salary package plan will also be 10% to 15%. You can now get the complete details from here that how much salary increase and also how much pension increase has been done in the Federal Budget 2015-16.

It is also in the news that Federal government has agreed to give 50% adhoc relief will also be given to the salaried persons. House rent allowance will be distributed equally among all the salaried persons all over Pakistan.

Budget If we compare this increase in the salary packages from the PPP government and also with the Musharraf government then it is quite less when we compare it with the PML-N government. Whatever this initiative has taken by the PML-N government, hopefully, it will bring relief for the salaried persons.

Salary Increase in Budget 2015-16 Pakistan: 10% to 15%.

Pension Increase in Budget 2015-16 Pakistan: 10% to 15%.

Adhoc relief Increase in Budget 2015-16 Pakistan: 50%

You have to wait for the Budget 2015-16, as soon as the Federal government will announce the final decision of this increase in the salary packages, we will let you know. You can get all the details from here that right from Grade 1 to Grade 22. how much salaries and pensions have been increased. Know more about the Budget 2015-16 details right from here.

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