Pakistan Federal Budget 2015-16 Highlights

As we know that the Federal Budget 2015-16 will be coming on the  June 2015. Through this budget, we will get to know that how much will be increase in the budget of salaries, education sector, transportation, agricultural sector, services and industrial sector, through this Federal Budget 2015-16 we will also be well analyze that what will be the food and petroleum prices.

This Federal Budget 2015-16 has been prepared by the Ministry of Finance in Pakistan. In this budget, some extra millions will be added as said by Ishaq Dar, this time the total estimated amount will be around 42 billion.1.46 trillion rupees will fixed for the development in all the four provinces, we have seen that this development Budget 2015-16 will so far be the highest Budget in the history of Pakistan. Government will also be enhancing the revenue collection.


FBR will be playing its due role to collect the revenues and all the departments of it like excise tax, sales tax and also income tax, and custom tax will be performing effectively.

In this Budget 2015-16, it is also seen that government will be spending more of the percentage to overcome the energy crisis. A pact with China will be upgraded for installation of power plant, circular debt will be aimed to reduced too. Government will be spending massive amount on education too for the fiscal year of 2015-16. If you want to know more about the highlights of Federal Budget 2015-16 then stay tuned with us.

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