How to Style Dhoti Pants

Have you ever try wearing the dhoti pants? Now you might be thinking that what are the dhoti pants and how to style the dhoti pants? Well dhoti pants were at some time in the past was categorized as the main clothe for the men but now this clothing is no longer the property of the men because many designers have even introduced these dhoti pants for the women as well.

How to Style Dhoti Pants

Dhoti pants have been quite famous and known from the past recent decades but now it is much known as compare to the past fashions.

This form of the clothing piece is much favored by such men and women who are all the time wished for the comfortable and soothe environment.

It is extreme loose from the legs. You can even make out the alternative of wearing the dhoti pants with either the short Kutras, kameez or even the t-shirts as well.

As regard the colors of the dhoti pants are concerned then just the dark and bright colors should be taken into custody including red, pink, purple, black and even move color.

The women dhoti pants should always be covered with the floral designs that looks merely stylish and fashionable whereas the men dhoti pants are just simple and plain but they are much darker and intensive shaded in color.

Now the main question is that how the dhoti pants can be worn on the body? You must foremost make sure that whether your body structure works well for wearing the dhoti pants.

If you are slim bodied and tall in height then you can make the choice of any form of the dhoti pants no matter what is the color and textural work.

The men can make them well turned out in the dhoti pants by the use of khussas whereas the women can also put together them as graceful and attractive with the use of khussa and jhumkas. On the other hand for the fat and chubby girls the dhoti pants can just look perfect and well suited when they will wear the dark colored tops because it will make their body shape appear as less weighted.

On the whole after this discussion we are that all such women and men who are not much aware from the Dhoti Pants concept they would definitely try this costume now and we are sure that they will just love wearing it again and again.

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