Imran Khan Address To Nation At D-Chowk Islamabad Jalsa 9th May

If we would say that Imran Khan will going to address to Nation at D-Chowk Islamabad Jalsa on 9th May then probably you would not believe this fact. But this news is absolutely and 100% real! Imran Khan will be holding his last and final Jalsa before the elections on 9th May 2013. The procession will begin to start at 7pm. This Jalsa or procession will going to settle on D-Chowk Islamabad. Well we all know that yesterday Imran Khan was fell down from the height of 15 feet from the chairlift while addressing in Ghalib Market Lahore.

 PTI Imran Khan

He was given the immediate treatment in Shaukhat Khanum Hospital and all the medical staff of the hospital has reported that Imran Khan needs immediate care and full rest but still Imran Khan will be addressing with his supporters and nation. Well this would be his last and final procession and address with the nation as the candidate of the election 2013. This would be one of the greatest surprising news for his supporters because as on one side Imran Khan has been not even able to stand on his feet and on the other side he will be addressing in front of the whole Islamabad for changing the Pakistan.

In addition, we would like to mention little details about the last happening incident as well. Yesterday Imran Khan was going to address with the nation in Ghalib Market Lahore. While reaching up on the stage he fell down from the height of 20 feet because of the imbalance on the chairlift. He has got 11 stitched in his head along with the fracture as well. Since no internal head injury has been revealed and the doctors have stated that he is out of danger by all means. When Imran Khan was fully conscious in his senses he even addressed with the nation with few lines that all the people of Pakistan must vote as it has been their rights and responsibility.

The young generation is the future of Pakistan and if they make the mistake like the previous year then they would not be able to bear this remaining in remaining five years as well. Well let’s see that will Imran Khan would be seen in the same passion and enthusiasm on 9th May 2013 at D-Chowk Islamabad. So don’t forget to be the part of this Jalsa at 7pm!


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