PTI D-Chowk Islamabad Jalsa Pictures

PTI D-Chowk Islamabad Jalsa Pictures: In this article we will be highlighting all the details about D-Chowk Islamabad Jalsa pictures and complete interesting facts about the Jalsa as well. As we all know that yesterday Imran Khan was captured with the head injury when he was about to commence his Jalsa in Ghalib Market Lahore. He has been offered with 11 stitches in his head and the doctors have reported that Imran Khan would need to take proper care of his health and has to take proper rest.

 PTI Imran Khan

But as on the other side just few days have been left regarding the arrival of the Elections 2013 so how can we expect that Imran Khan will let his supporters down. Imran Khan is about to get hold over his last Jalsa that will going to take place in D-Chowk Islamabad. This Jalsa will be taking place on 9th May, 2013. All the supporters of PTI in Islamabad have been bad excited to see their leader back in action.

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On the other side when Imran Khan was admitted in the hospital he addressed with the whole nation from the ward. He stated in his address that all the people and young generation has the responsibility of making this nation strong and powerful and for such sake they must vote for the right political party.

No matter whether they are in the favor of the PTI or not they must vote for such party whom they think that they can change the Pakistan and brings new betterment and prosperity. Well on the whole we would mention it to all the readers that if they are one of the biggest supporters of PTI and so as the Imran Khan then don’t forget to be the part of this Jalsa and support this future leader right now. Hence at the end of this article we will also like to share few pictures of D-Chowk Islamabad Jalsa Pictures for the readers.

PTI D-Chowk Islamabad Jalsa Pictures

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