Imran Khan Injured After Falling from Lift During Lahore Jalsa

Imran Khan fell down from a lifter resulting in head and Back boon  injuries at Ghalib Market Jalsa in Lahore today. Early reports said that a rod hit Khan’s head when he fell off the lift.  The accident took place in Ghalib Market in Lahore. We wish him a speedy recovery. After this accident postponed all Lahore jalsas six jalsa plan today in lahore. Imran khan very impotent person in Pakistani politics. he is chairman of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI)

Head Injury to Imran Khan

Imran khan Shift to Shaukat Khanum Hospital for the CT Scan of Imran Khan will be done at and extra treatment will be carried out according to the result of the test. Imran Khan is out of danger. He has got stitches on his head. However, he is still under 24 hours provision; tests are underway.  Please everyone, pray for Imran Khan, pray for your leader, and pray for Pakistan’s hope!



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