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Islamic New Year has been known as Hijri New Year 1445. This month marks the opening of the Islamic calendar and it begins with the appearance of the Muharram. There are many sad and greatest special memories of Islam attached with this month. As we look upon the sad and grieved happenings then the grandson of Holy prophet Hazrat Imam Hussain lost his life along with his family while fighting for Islam in the Battle of Karbala.

This month of Muharram is planned to be the month of complete sorrow and sadness. Muslims and all the Shia commence this month just it has been claimed by sunnah. In this month Holy Prophet has also ordered to keep the fast during 9th and 10th Muharram 1445 Hijri.

In all the countries where Muslims are being witnessed they start their first month with the appearance of Muharram. Most of the Muslims think that keeping the fast on these days is not requisite for the Muslims therefore they engage them in prayers. But it must not forget that the Holy prophet also used to maintain the fast during these days and in this sense it is vital fasting for all the Muslims.

In the United States the very first day of the Muharram marks as the arrival of first day of Islamic month but this is not offered as the public holiday at all. Muslims start with this month in simple manner and remembering the sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain for Islam. Well as we know that the beginning of the new month means a New Year for Muslims and for that reason many numerous people often exchange the messages and poems in relation with the Islamic New Year. In this article we are sharing few of the Islamic New Year messages, poetry and poems.

Islamic New Year Shayari:

Ankhon Men Ashq Apne Khemey Lgarhe Hen
Ghum K Tamam Mousam Dil Men Sama Rhe Hn
Aulad E Mustafa(Saw) Pr Girye K Wastay
Farshe Aza Bichado Moharram Arhen Hn

Islamic New Year SMS:

New Year Manany Waly Or
Is Ki Mubarak Bad Deny Waly
Yey Hadies Yad Rakhen.
Rasoullallah Sallallah Alehy Wasallam
Ka Farman Hai K Jis Ny
Kisi Qoum Ki Mushabeht Ikhtiyar Ki
Wo Un Hi Mai Shumaar Hoga.

The Beautiful Word is ALLAH,
The Beautiful Word is ALAH,
Most Beautiful Song Is AZAN,
Best exercise is NAMAZ,
World Perfect Book Is QURAN,
And You Are So Lucky if You Are A Muslim,
Happy Islamic New Year.

Islamic New Year Poem:

Shine upon you,
May the flowers fill
your heart with beauty
May hope forever wipe
away your tears,
and above all,
May this New year be wonderful!
Happy New Islamic Year

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