James Bond 007 New Film Sky Fall 2012

Have you watched James Bond 007 New Film Sky Fall 2012? We are hundred percent sure that all the youngsters who are presently reading this article would have definitely listen about the James Bond in their childhood as 007. James Bond has been one of the most popular and hugely reputed characters that have been ruling over the Hollywood industry for quite a long time. So far huge series of James Bond has been highlighted for his fans and this time James Bond series has once again returned with the explosion of Sky Fall 2012.

James Bond 007 New Film Sky Fall 2012

Daniel Craig as James Bond has proved that he is still young and fresh and no single actor can carry out the actor stunts just like him. This film has been put forward on 23rd October 2012. In United Kingdom it was released on 26th October 2012 while in United States it was initiated on 8th November 2012. This film was also released on the 50th Anniversary of James Bond that he has contributed in the film industry. This film has been marked to be the highest earning film ever in the Hollywood industry.

James Bond 007 Sky Fall 2012 Review:

              This film is about a Spy known as James Bond who travelled on a mission named as MI6 to Turkey in which he was supposed to steal the hard drive that contains all the personal and confidential details about the NATO terrorist agents. James Bond carry out the whole mission with the help of his partner Eve but unfortunately during the fighting Eve shot the James Bond on his shoulder.

This was the point when every body thought that James Bond has been killed but actually he was missing. However, suddenly the hard drive gets missed from the office and nobody known that who has stolen the hard drive and in the meanwhile all the NATO agents who have been witnessed in the hard drive are getting killed one by one.

James Bond 007 Sky Fall 2012 Cast and Crew:

The film has been directed by Sam Mendes whereas the production has been undertaken by Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. The music of the film has been given by Thomas Newman and cinematography has been finished by Roger Deakins. This film has been supervised by Columbia Pictures and has been within the time phase of 143 minutes. The movie has been created with the budget limit of $ 150- 200 million while the collection for the first week has been high flying as $ 668,841,621. The cast included in the film has been Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Albert Finney, Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris.

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