KPK Assembly Election Results 2013 and Seats Positions

KPK Assembly Election Results 2013 and Seats Positions: Do you want to know about the KPK Assembly Election Results 2013? Well if yes then you have probably reached at the right destination because here we will be highlighting out all the main details about the KPK Assembly Election results 2013. This webpage will going to serve them out with many finest details regarding which party candidate has been travelling in the first number for winning the title and which would be that lucky party that will be ruling at the KPK Assembly.

Election-in-Pakistan ECPAlthough KPK Assembly has been one of the most vital and prominent assemblies in Pakistan and they have even set their own seats and reserved number of seats for the non-Muslims and women as well. Well there have been currently five parties that will be revealing themselves in the Election 2013 i.e. PPP, PTI, ANP, MLN and MQM.

All these five parties have their own prominence and strength in the Pakistan and each one of these parties have gained huge reputation in their respective areas and provinces, as we look down upon the KPK Assembly then in KPK ANP has gained special importance and significance so far. They have done many struggles and hard work for making this province as well matched with the rest of the provinces and this fact cannot be neglected. Well keeping all such facts last year ANP won large number of seats in KPK and this time it has been expected that the history will repeat itself. Well let’s see that which party will be taking control over the KPK Assembly for the forthcoming five years but for this reason you must have to get connected with this webpage for getting all the latest updates about the elections. We are sure that you never want to miss any news about these elections 2013.

Contesting Parties KPK
Summary 96/99
PML(N) 12
PTI 34
Independent 13
Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party
JUI(F) 13
JI 7
PML(Q) 0

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