FATA Assembly Results 2013 and Seats Positions

FATA Assembly Results 2013 and Seats Positions: FATA Assembly results 2013 have been one of such results that are holding great prominence in the Election 2013. Well before beginning with any further details we would like to mention for the readers that FATA Assembly has been comprised with 14 seats i.e. NA-36, NA-37, NA-38, NA-39, NA-40, NA-41, NA-42, NA-43, NA-44, NA-45, NA-48 and NA-47. For all such seats there are several candidates as both dependent and independent as well that have been taking part in winning the elections.

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Although there have been separate seats that have been reserved for the women and even for the non-Muslims as well. Hence here we would like to mention for the readers that by far as compare elections there were very less number of candidates that stood their place in these elections. But this year as PTI has also become the part of these elections so the competitions have become even strong and powerful as well.

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