LG Launches Quiz Show For Pakistanis Students – Results and Winners

LG has been known as one of the well distinguished and renowned brand in the whole world. This LG launches quiz show for students in Pakistan. This show has been all connected with the knowledge working that mounts up the inside learning skills of the students. LG has even organized a quiz show for the students with the name of LG One School One Library. This quiz will certainly enable all the young students to increases their learning capacity at highest flying height. This quiz will be commenced on the national level for all the schools within the Pakistan boundary.

All the students who have passed the education from 1 to 12 are allowed to get them enrolled into this quiz show and highlight their hidden learning secrets ands talents in front of the whole entire country. The students are basically given the valuable chance of showcasing their capability of their minds for storing the knowledge treasure and hence they can avail this chance for even qualifying in the international quiz competitions as well. The Management Committee of LG has confirmed that they have started the procedure for carrying out the selection of all the intelligent students through the method of their online survey.

LG Launches Quiz Show For Pakistanis Students – Results and Winners


The students are required to register them through online. This registration will lead them towards the online test and this final stage will enlist the short list of all the selected intelligent students. All the students will be short listed through the assistance of the education panel of Pakistan that covers top finest educationist and scholars.

They will make the choice of suitable 80 students that will finally travel into the final procedure of getting their top intelligent students for the quiz show. The winner of the quiz show will be awarded with the prize in the form of money that is 1, 800, 00. This quiz will all about the fun, entertainment and passion of students towards their studies and knowledge world.

This will even assist the students to get more knowledge about the learning criteria. This will also motive the flip backside students to get closer with much devotion towards their future studies and try out for some other beneficial and useful quiz show. So all the students if you think that this quiz can appear to be advantageous for your bright future then just stop thinking and resister for it now. ALL THE BEST……..

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