Lucky Draw Green Tractor Scheme

Lucky Draw Green Tractor Scheme As we know that excessive competition is growing in every single sector of business life so how can we forget that agricultural sector would left behind in this competition? Agriculture plays an important and yet prominent role in making the country and creating the successful foundation and for that reason it is essentially vital that all the farmers and field workers should be equipped with all necessities and wants that are utmost necessary of every farmer.

Keeping in view this requirement Punjab Government commenced a computerized lucky draw for granting 329 tractors under the holding of “Green Tractor Scheme” for the agricultural workers of their province. The opening ceremony of the lucky draw was undertaken by District officer Saqib Zaffar and Member of Pakistan Muslim League N Malik Abrar who put forward the initial step in the functioning of lucky draw by pressing a button.

After the conclusion of the lucky draw the Rawalpindi District was awarded with 231 tractors, Gojar Khan with 55, Taxilla was given 45, Muree 18 Kahota was finished by 17 and almost 8 tractors were honored to the farmers of Kotli Sittian. According to the statement of Management Board of lucky draw Green Tractor scheme they have received maximum 2,049 applications from every single hook and corner of the district.

EDO of Agriculture has affirmed that this sector was certainly boost up the morale of all the farmers and motivate them in making their motherland filled with valuable and precious resources for future use. Additionally, the ceremony was even also conducted by Advocate Raja Haneef, Ziaullah Shah and Tahira Aurangzeb.

So all those farmers we wish a very heartfelt congratulation and we hope that these tractors would certainly be utilized for such purposes that would definitely bring positive and useful outcomes for the benefit of the Pakistan.

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