Major Economic Problems of Pakistan

If you are true Pakistani then you will probably be aware from the main economic problems of Pakistan? Well if not then you must be aware because the solution of all such problems are connected with your bright and successful future. There have been so far huge sum of the problems related to the economic sector that is all the time in the mood of disturbing the economics of Pakistan. Well we cannot blame the entire mistake on the economic monster because the actual culprits are the policies that are infusing within the Pakistan. More likely the Government of Pakistan has not many successes in solving the problems of Pakistan and hence it is attacking in much forceful manner.

Major Economic Problems of Pakistan

Pakistan Map

1. Shortage Of Power: 

One of the biggest problems that are currently striking in the country very badly then it will surely be the shortage of the power. Load shedding has been attacking the Pakistan at titanic manner and hence no such measures have been taken for its solution. Almost 5 years have been passed for the establishment of the new government but still they believe that they are new and still they need some time for the solutions.

2. Terrorism:

Additionally, when we look over the terrorism then it would be nothing new because Pakistan has been facing the image of extreme terrorism since 1947. There are many countries that are always in race of considering the Pakistan as the terrorist country but it is not their fault because we are still supporting the strong relationships with all such countries. The just reason for closing their mouths is to take special measures that can just be arrived through communication and peace settlement with the terrorism. On the other side as Pakistan is all the time filled with the terrorist danger then the number of tourist is also less and for that reason Pakistan is also running less shortage with the finances. If we look around then there are no such country that is depicting traditional and cultural image of their country just like Pakistan.

3. Stock Market Condition:

Last we have the stock market that is facing the low points with every passing year because of the economic crisis. The cost of the rupee is extreme high as compare to other currencies of the whole world. Well we can just figure out the fact that there is an urgent need to solve all such problems otherwise this country will soon come to an end.

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