Major Issues in Pakistan

When we talk about the major issues in Pakistan then we cannot stop our self from putting the full stop on mind. Pakistan has great number of issues that are troubling them at every instant moment. Pakistan got the freedom in 1947 and it is the undeniable truth that Pakistan has been facing the troubles and problems since that time.

Major Issues in Pakistan

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Azad Kashmir Issue:

The very first problem was in the face of the Azad Kashmir. As we know that Pakistan has been rich in natural resources as compare to other developing countries but still we are far behind in the race of the success. Why is this so? Well apart from the Kashmir issues we have the problem of poverty. According to the last year survey almost 30% of the poverty has been increased in the country.


Next main issue is the illiteracy. In Pakistan the illiteracy rate is 50% as it means that just few men and women adding with the kids are making their way towards the schools. And if this percentage gets increased then we are fully sure that there will be the less percentage of women for sure.

Lack Of Sincerity:

Additionally, we would like to mention the sincerity and passionate attitude of the politics that is certainly not evolving within the politics. Isn’t it sad? We are just focusing upon sitting on the President chair but we never bother to discuss the solutions of the middle class people.


Every single Pakistani is fully aware from the fact that Pakistan is facing the problem of terrorism just because of the United States then still we are interested in bonding strong future relationships with that country. Every single time phase Pakistan has been undergoing with the financial crisis but still the population is getting increased by 15% with every passing year.

When the government does not have the expenses and financial support then how they can manage the coming generation’s future? As the new 5 years Government has arrived it merely promises in the beginning for food, clothing and shelter provision but now the Pakistani are not just hungry for such items but even for electricity as well.

The appearance of the constant 20 hours of load shedding has forced the people to spend their boiling and burring summer nights without the fan. Well as we mentioned earlier that if we talk about the main issues of Pakistan then we can’t stop our self. We can just pray that may God help us to stay exist in this world because if we keep on taking the international favors then no one can stop this country from getting ruined.

Electricity Crisis in Pakistan

Pakistan has been facing electricity crises for several years. These crises are characterized by frequent power outages, load shedding, and an overall insufficient supply of electricity to meet the growing demand of the population and industries. There are several factors contributing to this electricity crisis:

Generation Capacity Shortfall: Pakistan’s electricity generation capacity has struggled to keep up with the increasing demand due to population growth and industrial expansion. The existing power generation infrastructure is outdated and unable to generate enough electricity to meet the needs of the population.

Circular Debt: One major issue is the circular debt problem, where the government owes money to power generation companies, leading to financial constraints that hinder the procurement of fuel and maintenance of power plants. This, in turn, affects the overall power generation.

Lack of Investment: Insufficient investment in the power sector has hindered the development of new power generation projects and the upgrade of existing infrastructure. This has led to a gap between electricity supply and demand.

Energy Mix: Pakistan’s energy mix heavily relies on fossil fuels, particularly natural gas and oil. Fluctuations in global oil prices can impact the cost of electricity generation. Diversification of the energy mix with renewable sources like solar, wind, and hydropower has been slow.

Transmission and Distribution Losses: Pakistan’s power distribution system suffers from high technical and non-technical losses due to outdated infrastructure, theft, and poor maintenance. These losses contribute to an inefficient distribution of the available electricity.

Water Shortages and Hydropower: Pakistan heavily relies on hydropower for electricity generation. Water scarcity, caused by factors like climate change and mismanagement, affects the availability of water for hydropower generation.

Political and Governance Challenges: Political interference, corruption, and mismanagement have also contributed to the electricity crisis. These issues have hindered the implementation of long-term solutions and reforms.

Efforts to address the electricity crisis in Pakistan have included initiatives to attract foreign investment, improve the efficiency of existing power plants, diversify the energy mix with renewable sources, and implement reforms to reduce circular debt and improve governance.

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  1. I think there is no use of carrying out these sort of surveys…. because none of the 2 countries are ready to resolve this issue on a serious note.


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