Making of Delicious Kofta Kebabs Recipe for Eid Festivals

On Eid festival, Pakistani women would love to cook tasty and delicious Kofta Kebabs recipes. In Pakistan, people celebrate two Eid festivals such as Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha. On every Eid, tasty recipes are prepared in every home of Pakistan. Pakistani women would love to prepare delicious and tasty dishes. If we talk about popular and common recipes then we should mention Kofta Kababs. In this article, we will discuss the Kofta Kababs recipe. Firstly, we will discuss the main ingredients for making the Kofta Kababs.

Kofta Kebabs
The common and main ingredients are as follows:

½ kg of mutton mince.
5 tablespoon of fresh coriander.
5 teaspoon of walnut.
¾ tablespoon of salt.
2 tablespoon of cumin seeds.
1 tablespoon of black pepper.
2 bread slices.
I pinch of baking soda.
2 tablespoon of garlic paste.
2 tablespoon of mint.
6 small onions.
6 small tomatoes.

After knowing the main ingredients, now we would like to explain for making the tasty Kofta Kababs. The first step is that woman should drain water from the mince and then keep in the cold place. The second step is that she should take a bowl and then put mince, salt, paste of garlic, bread crumbs, cumin seeds, walnut, chopped mint, soda and then mix all these items well. After mixing all the ingredients, she can make the kofta shapes.

Then skew on skewers along with onion cubes and small tomatoes. During cooking, woman should apply oil with brush and then squeeze them with the lemon juice. After that, she should serve the kofta kebabs with the boil rice.

Finally, these are main steps and ingredients for making the tasty and delicious kofta kebabs. If any woman wants to make kofta kebabs on this Eid then without wasting any time she should read out this article for knowing the recipe. We hope that after knowing these important items every woman can easily prepare kofta kebabs at her home.

But if any item or step gets missing then it won’t possible to prepare the tasty kofta kebabs. So make your Eid ul Azha special by making kofta kebabs for your family members and relatives.

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