Environmental Issues in Pakistan

Environmental Issues in Pakistan: Our movement into the 21st century has neither been smooth nor very happy as we find the atmosphere and water increasingly polluted in our surroundings. As on one side Pakistan is extremely fighting many such issues then on the other hand he is also facing the monster of environmental pollution.

In the cities, this atmospheric pollution is becoming troublesome and dangerous to every single person ranging from rich to poor and from adult to old.

Our Ministry of Health is basically responsible for showing the negligence over the environment problems. Let us discuss the problem and their remedies for saving our motherland from these horrible circumstances.


Environmental Issues:

One of the major grounds of environmental pollution is the sudden increase in population. With the extend in population we need more houses, cars, buses and motorcycles that will certainly emit poisonous gases and smoke. Presently we are getting trapped into the pollution problems where the industries through their waste and tons of garbage in rivers or seas and directly in becomes the main reason for the extinct of fishes and sea animals and this is surely helping the country to disappear the seashores and lakes.

However, saving measures was seen during the 1987 when people were served with clan and filtered water and these measures carried out till 1990. According to the medical association survey about 90% of the people in Punjab get badly affected from intense diseases just by drinking polluted water because 90% of water in gained from underground system in the province of Punjab.


  • Contamination Of Soil:

Soil plays an important role for the proper growth of crops and fields but some people excessively make the use of chemical fertilizers in the crops that also affect the negative outcomes on the land. Always use of organic fertilizers that will also help the person in proper and much refreshed growth of his crops.

  • Non-Vegetarian Diet:

All the meat items are usually made from the diseased and weak animals and this can gave birth to many such diseases in the human body. Avoid using the vegetarian foods products that increasingly involve the use of meats and chicken items.

  • Water Pollution:

Water pollution always takes place when tons of garbage and waste is disposed into it. We should try to throw the garbage in its proper place so that it can also allow the seashore animals to live a free and happy life in sea as well.

  • Depletion Of Ozone Layer:

Ozone layer positively saves the earth from ultraviolet rays but due to the excessive appearance of gases the emissions of ozone layers are difficult to reach on the earth. It is vital to maintain a check over the ozone layer and minimize the ultraviolet rays on increased level.

At the end it is necessary that we should understand the dimensions of pollution because many other such countries are taking sudden measure to save their country so why should we step back.

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