Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo Pictures

Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo Pictures:Yesterday night the event of one of the biggest and famous beauty contest of Miss Universe was held in Los Vegas. This time this title of Miss Universe 2012 was crowned to Miss USA Olivia Culpo. She has even honored with the title of being Miss USA in pervious year as well and this time one more time she has prove her talent and ability by getting honored with this title. The crowning ceremony was carried out by last year Miss Universe 2011 named as Leila of Angola.

Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo Pictures

Olivia Culpo

In this whole tow hours of event there was a great enthusiasm and keenness in the people to get closer with their favorite contestant in the shape of winner. There were about 88 contestants that were participating in this event but the maximum chances were being gained in the custody of Olivia Culpo because she was considered to be the strongest contestant by most of the girls. She was simple and natural looking and these two factors were distinguishing her as separate from other girls. When she was asked about her feelings she revealed that she is feeling like she is still dreaming and someone will woke her up from this dream.

Olivia Culpo was shedding in tears in her eyes as her name was announced. She was continuously crying out during the crowning ceremony as well because finally her dream has come true. She was looking stunning in red velvet gown with neckline. USA won the Miss Universe title in 1997 and this has been after 15 years that Olivia Culpo has brought this title in USA after such a long time. Olivia lives in Boston and presently she has been completing her studies in Boston University.

When one of the media reporters asked her that did she feel any regrets over her this step then she show off her prospect that she feels proud that she has raised the name of her family and nation no matter what was the way of raising the proud. She feels happier that now she will be known as one of the popular personalities in the world and the people will see her with the eyes of respect.  At the end of this discussion we would wish Olivia Culpo will deepest and warm best wishes for the future life and USA nation hope that she will live up to her expectations as well.

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