Pacquiao Vs Marquez IV Results And Highlights

The full details of Pacquiao Vs Marquez results and highlights. As we all know that boxing championship was still on its way for searching its champion. In the match of Pacquiao and Marquez the winner was marked with the name of Marquez. He knocks out Pacquiao in the sixth round. However, this was much expected and everyone was predicting that Marquez would be the winner because he surely deserved the victory throughout the whole match.

Pacquiao Vs Marquez IV Results And Highlights

As Marquez is ruling over the winner title so now the main question that is disturbing every single boxing fan is that now who would the boxer who will get the chance to defeat the Marquez? One of the greatest qualities of Marquez has been its calculative work and honesty that lead him to the success. Within his professional career there has been no such point when he did dishonesty and foul situations during his matches. The whole match came to an end with just a hard core punch on the face of Pacquiao by Marquez. Marquez has been fighting for this victory since 2008 and now with just one win he has even become one of the strongest punch boxers as well.

As regard the match excitement has been concerned then for that reason this match was a complete entertainment along with full suspense and thrill. But here we would like to mention one thing that many of the watchers observe one thing that when both the boxers knockout one another twice times then they were facing some shy and hesitation in punching one another.

Well no one knows the real fact but we would certainly say that some respect and dignity also falls while fighting in the boxing ring. Well now there are few chances that Pacquiao will be fighting yet for another successful victory for his next match that will taken opposite with Floyd Mayweather.

This match has been filled with many hopes and expectations and a lot more questions are still revolving within the minds of millions of fans and lovers. Well we just have to wait for the arrival of the match and winner. So all the boxing fans or Marquez fans just get ready because the match can be declared down at any instant moment and we are sure that you definitely can’t fail to spot the chance of missing the match.

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