Pakistan Muslim League Jinnah (PML-J)

Pakistan Muslim League Jinnah (PML-J) has been known as one of the most favorite and successful political parties in Pakistan but unfortunately this party has even get disappeared somehow. In the beginning of this party there was seen as great passion and enthusiasm for working for the success and prosperity of the country but now this country is seen nowhere. This party has been named after the actual Pakistan Muslim League that was established by Muhammad Jinnah during the time of creation of Pakistan.

PML-J has their main head working in the form of Manzoor Wattoo along with the cooperation of Sardar Mushtaq Ahmed Khan in 1995. But soon Sardar Mushtaq gets departed with the party because he was interested in heading the party alone and this was made possible through the creation of his separate party with the name of PML Junejo.

This party has even faced many clashes in the beginning when the Wattoo was removed from the post of Chief Minister of Punjab and Mushtaq Ahmed was removed from the title of Law Minister of Punjab. This party has been one of the great rivals of PPP and they are always arriving in the frontward for criticizing their customs and ruling methods. However, after getting over with the post this party also get disappeared and has never taken part in any other elections ever since the PPP government ruling period.

One of the greatest shock for this party has been with the departure of Sardar Mushtaq Ahmed who joined the party in 1997 but after such a long time he left the party in 2004 and move his steps in the PML (Q). Nevertheless this party didn’t loose any hopes and in 2007 election Manzoor Wattoo and his daughter won the elections and they achieved three seats in National Assembly while Sardar Ahmed Khan faced the death in 2006.

After the death of Sardar Ahmed Khan his sons joined PML-J but this party failed to take part in 2008 election because they run out of the date for the registration of the election forums. In May 2008 Manzoor Wattoo and his daughter Rubina Shaheen left their party and joined PPP.

On the whole this party is now all alone as they are not a accompanied with any president and neither the head. Let’s see who will make this party successful in future and will all the departed members will arrive back in their party or not?

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