Pakistan vs India Kabaddi Final Match Results – Kabaddi World Cup 2012

Are you ready to Kabaddi World Cup 2012 get all the details of Pakistan Vs India Kabaddi Final match results? It would probably be the good news for

all the Kabaddi fans of India and Pakistan that these two teams have travel into the final match that will be played on 15th December 2012. This match would be of the great excitement and entertainment because both of these teams have been marked as the toughest and strongest teams on their heights. As we are all aware from the fact that Pakistan Kabaddi team has been also honored with the Asian Cup 2012.


In addition the coach of Pakistani team has stated that: “The Pakistani kabaddi team performed incredible in their previous matches for defeating the strong teams like Canada. Moreover, he also said that their efforts speak volumes about their players. All the fans of Indian and Pakistan team are curiously waiting for this match arrival because everyone has been aware from the skills and magnitude of one another. They are fully alert from the positive and negative points of one another. In the past as well they have faced one another for normal routine matches and even give another a very strong competition as well.

Both of the teams have carried out much training and practice for winning this match. As we move back in the history then we come into the conclusion that Pakistan has even hold over the top positions in Kabaddi after beating Italy and Scotland. Well this has been one of the greatest achievements that have been gained by the Pakistani players and we are sure that they will even perform marvelous in this match as well.

This match will be taking place in India. This match is holding extreme significance for both the teams and surely they need to win this title for making their skills and abilities more enhancing. If you don’t want to miss any moment score of this match then you must get connected with this webpage now.

We will be updating the fans with all the necessary details regarding the match. At the end of the discussion we would like to wish both the teams with best luck. But make sure that this match will be taking place in India so our players will surely need our support so don’t forget to pray for them.

Pakistan vs India Kabaddi Final Match Results

Tournament: Kabaddi World Cup 2012.

Date: 15th December 2012.

Time: 5:30 PST

Pakistan 22 :  59 India

India won the kabaddi world cup 2012

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