Pakistan vs India T20 Reschedule 2nd T20 Match on Ahmedabad 28th December 2012

In the recent timings it has been reported by the Pakistan Cricket Board and Indian Cricket Board that the series of Pakistan and India will be starting from 25th December 2012 in Ahmedabad. But it has been officially stated by Pakistan Cricket Board that they have requested the Indian Cricket Board that they should extend the day of the match because on 27th December 2012 Pakistan will be undertaking the death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto who is the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Now the match will be happening in Ahmedabad on 28th December 2012.

Pakistan vs India T20 Reschedule 2nd T20 Match on Ahmedabad 28th December 2012



  • The match that has to be carried out on 27th December 2012 then this match will be played in Ahmedabad on 28th December 2012.
  • The team will be travelling to Bangalore on 25th December 2012.
  • One Day matches will be held in Chennai on 30th December 2012, Kolkata on 3rd January 2013 and third will be played on 6th January 2013 in Delhi.
  • This whole series will be revolving around the three test matches and five one day matches.

Well this would be the great fun loving match because it is about five years that both the teams will be seen together in the battlefield. In 2007, both the countries get spilt over because of the Mumbai attacks but now these two countries have one more knotted for the cricket lovers. Both of the teams are fully passionate and enthusiasm because this will be the long time when the both the teams will be facing each other.

However, as this match will be taking place in India so the Pakistani team will badly need the support of their fans and lovers. In addition, the Indian Cricket Board has also arranged the system of visas as well that will allow the Pakistani fans to get fun from the series and that too live in stadium.

On the whole of it we would figure out the conclusion that this would be the great pleasure for the Pakistani players to defeat their history rivals in their homeland. It would surely be a nail biting match for all the fans because this match would be just like the Third World War that will be fought in the play ground.

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