Points Table Npower Championship 2012-2013

The details of points table Npower Football League Championship 2012-13 for all the readers and Football lovers.As we all know that the Football League Championship has all started one more time. This event will be taking place in diverse cities of United Nations from 15th December 2012 till 4th May 2013. This would have been one of the most tempting and most wanted events by all football lovers.

Npower Championship

Well this event will be taking hold over different teams that have been filled with the players of different football teams. All the players that have been fixed within the teams are top excellent and experienced skilled within their perfection. All the teams have been marked as one of the strongest teams and each one of them is fully ready to beat one another in the football ground.


Some of the most famous and known teams within the championship includes Blackpool, Black Burn Rovers, Casters, Glassgow, Munster Watford, Toulon, Sale Sharks, Dragons, Mogliano, Sareens, Charlton Athletic, Leeds United, Peterborough United, Cardiff City, Bolton Wnaderers, Birmingham City, Crystal Palace, Hull City, Sheffield Wednesday, Derby County, Leicester City, Millwall, Bristol City, Nottingham Forest, Barnsley, Ipswich City and Watford.

All these teams will be playing their matches on their particular dates with specified teams. If you feel the chance of missing the matches of any of these teams then you don’t need to feel worry because this webpage will keep on updating you with all the scores and points with the time of every single match.

Well we just like to suggest all the football lovers that don’t forget to capture the excitement of all these matches because this event arrives just once a year and we are sure that you can’t miss to spot them.

Points Table Npower Championship 2012-2013

Pos Team P Pts
1 Cardiff City 22 44
2 Crystal Palace 22 42
3 Middlesbrough 22 41
4 Hull City 22 41
5 Leicester City 22 37
6 Millwall 22 36
7 Watford 22 34
8 Brighton and Hove Albion 22 33
9 Nottingham Forest 22 33
10 Derby County 22 33
11 Blackpool 22 32
12 Leeds United 22 32
13 Bolton Wanderers 22 29
14 Charlton Athletic 22 29
15 Blackburn Rovers 22 29
16 Burnley 22 29
17 Huddersfield Town 22 29
18 Wolverhampton Wanderers 22 28
19 Birmingham City 22 25
20 Ipswich Town 22 23
21 Bristol City 22 18
22 Barnsley 22 18
23 Sheffield Wednesday 22 18
24 Peterborough United 22 16

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