Prayer Times Mississauga March 2024 Ramadan

Prayer Times Mississauga, a thriving city nestled in the vibrant province of Ontario, Canada, offers a rich tapestry of cultures and traditions.

Among the diverse practices that flourish here, one aspect that unites people from various backgrounds is prayer. Prayer times in Mississauga are not merely a routine; they are a bridge to connect with the divine, fostering unity and inner peace.

Discovering the Spiritual Rhythm of Mississauga

Mississauga, the sixth-largest city in Canada, is a bustling metropolis that beautifully harmonizes modernity with tradition. It’s a city that values spirituality and celebrates religious diversity, making it an ideal place for those seeking solace and connection through prayer.

The prayer times in Mississauga are a reflection of this vibrant cultural blend. With a growing population of diverse religious communities, the city offers a mosaic of sacred moments throughout the day. This article will guide you through the essential aspects of prayer times in Mississauga, showcasing the rich spiritual tapestry of this remarkable city.

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Prayer Times in Mississauga

In Mississauga, the call to prayer resonates melodiously throughout the day, reminding residents and visitors alike of the importance of spiritual connection. Understanding the prayer times in Mississauga is essential to fully immerse oneself in this enriching experience.

Fajr (Dawn Prayer)

  • Fajr, the first prayer of the day, is performed before sunrise.
  • It marks the beginning of a new day and is a moment of quiet reflection and devotion.

Dhuhr (Noon Prayer)

  • Dhuhr is the second prayer, held when the sun begins to decline from its zenith.
  • It offers a pause during the busy day to rekindle one’s connection with the divine.

Asr (Afternoon Prayer)

  • Asr prayer takes place in the late afternoon.
  • It serves as a spiritual recharge amid the hustle and bustle of life.

Maghrib (Evening Prayer)

  • Maghrib prayer is observed immediately after sunset.
  • It signifies the end of the day and a moment to express gratitude.

Isha (Night Prayer)

  • Isha is the final prayer of the day, performed after twilight.
  • It offers a sense of closure and reflection before retiring for the night.

Jumu’ah (Friday Prayer)

  • Jumu’ah, the congregational Friday prayer, holds special significance for Muslims.
  • It’s a time for communal worship and reflection, often followed by a sermon.

Prayer Times Mississauga March 2024

Date Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
Mar 03 5:32 AM 6:50 AM 12:30 PM 3:38 PM 6:10 PM 7:28 PM
Mar 04 5:30 AM 6:48 AM 12:30 PM 3:39 PM 6:12 PM 7:29 PM
Mar 05 5:29 AM 6:46 AM 12:29 PM 3:39 PM 6:13 PM 7:31 PM
Mar 06 5:27 AM 6:45 AM 12:29 PM 3:40 PM 6:14 PM 7:32 PM
Mar 07 5:25 AM 6:43 AM 12:29 PM 3:41 PM 6:15 PM 7:33 PM
Mar 08 5:24 AM 6:41 AM 12:29 PM 3:42 PM 6:17 PM 7:34 PM
Mar 09 5:22 AM 6:40 AM 12:28 PM 3:42 PM 6:18 PM 7:36 PM
Mar 10 6:20 AM 7:38 AM 1:28 PM 4:43 PM 7:19 PM 8:37 PM
Mar 11 6:18 AM 7:36 AM 1:28 PM 4:44 PM 7:20 PM 8:38 PM
Mar 12 6:16 AM 7:34 AM 1:28 PM 4:45 PM 7:21 PM 8:39 PM
Mar 13 6:15 AM 7:33 AM 1:27 PM 4:45 PM 7:23 PM 8:41 PM
Mar 14 6:13 AM 7:31 AM 1:27 PM 4:46 PM 7:24 PM 8:42 PM
Mar 15 6:11 AM 7:29 AM 1:27 PM 4:47 PM 7:25 PM 8:43 PM
Mar 16 6:09 AM 7:27 AM 1:26 PM 4:47 PM 7:26 PM 8:45 PM
Mar 17 6:07 AM 7:26 AM 1:26 PM 4:48 PM 7:27 PM 8:46 PM
Mar 18 6:05 AM 7:24 AM 1:26 PM 4:49 PM 7:29 PM 8:47 PM
Mar 19 6:04 AM 7:22 AM 1:26 PM 4:49 PM 7:30 PM 8:48 PM
Mar 20 6:02 AM 7:20 AM 1:25 PM 4:50 PM 7:31 PM 8:50 PM
Mar 21 6:00 AM 7:18 AM 1:25 PM 4:51 PM 7:32 PM 8:51 PM
Mar 22 5:58 AM 7:17 AM 1:25 PM 4:51 PM 7:33 PM 8:52 PM
Mar 23 5:56 AM 7:15 AM 1:24 PM 4:52 PM 7:35 PM 8:54 PM
Mar 24 5:54 AM 7:13 AM 1:24 PM 4:52 PM 7:36 PM 8:55 PM
Mar 25 5:52 AM 7:11 AM 1:24 PM 4:53 PM 7:37 PM 8:56 PM
Mar 26 5:50 AM 7:10 AM 1:23 PM 4:54 PM 7:38 PM 8:58 PM
Mar 27 5:48 AM 7:08 AM 1:23 PM 4:54 PM 7:39 PM 8:59 PM
Mar 28 5:46 AM 7:06 AM 1:23 PM 4:55 PM 7:40 PM 9:00 PM
Mar 29 5:44 AM 7:04 AM 1:23 PM 4:55 PM 7:42 PM 9:02 PM
Mar 30 5:43 AM 7:02 AM 1:22 PM 4:56 PM 7:43 PM 9:03 PM
Mar 31 5:41 AM 7:01 AM 1:22 PM 4:56 PM 7:44 PM 9:04 PM

Navigating Prayer Spaces in Mississauga

Mississauga’s inclusive ethos is reflected in the availability of prayer spaces for various religious communities. Whether you’re Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, or follow any other faith, the city welcomes you with open arms.


  • Mississauga boasts several beautiful mosques where Muslims gather for daily prayers and special occasions.
  • Prominent mosques include the Islamic Centre of Canada and the Sayeda Khadija Centre.


  • Christians in Mississauga have access to a multitude of churches, each offering a unique spiritual experience.
  • Some well-known churches include St. Mary’s Catholic Church and St. Peter and St. Paul’s Anglican Church.


  • The Sikh community finds solace in the city’s gurdwaras, which are open to all.
  • The Dixie Gurdwara and Malton Gurdwara Sahib are among the most visited gurdwaras in Mississauga.


  • Hindu temples in Mississauga provide serene environments for prayer and reflection.
  • The Hindu Heritage Centre and the Vedic Cultural Centre are cherished spiritual hubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of prayer times in Mississauga, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions often encountered by those seeking guidance on this topic.

1. How can I find accurate prayer times in Mississauga?

  • Accurate prayer times can be obtained from local mosques, Islamic organizations, or online prayer time websites and apps.

2. Are there any specific prayer etiquette I should be aware of in Mississauga?

  • Yes, it’s essential to respect the customs of the prayer space you visit. For instance, in a mosque, it’s customary to remove your shoes and dress modestly.

3. Can non-Muslims attend Friday Jumu’ah prayers in Mississauga mosques?

  • Many mosques in Mississauga welcome non-Muslim visitors to Friday Jumu’ah prayers as a way to promote interfaith understanding.

4. Are there any special prayer events or festivals in Mississauga?

  • Mississauga hosts a variety of religious events and festivals throughout the year, including Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Christmas, Diwali, and Vaisakhi.

5. How can I locate churches or other places of worship in Mississauga?

  • You can use online directories, maps, or ask local residents for directions to nearby places of worship.

6. Are there designated prayer rooms at public institutions like universities and hospitals in Mississauga?

  • Yes, many public institutions in Mississauga provide prayer rooms or multi-faith spaces to accommodate diverse religious needs.

7. What are the timings for Dhuhr and Asr prayers in Mississauga?

  • Dhuhr prayer is typically performed around noon, while Asr prayer is held in the late afternoon. The exact times may vary slightly throughout the year due to changing daylight hours.

8. How do I find out about special events or sermons at religious institutions in Mississauga?

  • Most religious institutions maintain websites or social media pages where they share information about upcoming events and sermons.

9. Is there a vibrant spiritual community in Mississauga?

  • Yes, Mississauga’s spiritual community is diverse and welcoming, offering a sense of belonging to people of all faiths.

10. Can I participate in interfaith dialogues and events in Mississauga? – Absolutely! Mississauga actively promotes interfaith dialogue and organizes events to foster understanding and unity among different religious communities.

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