Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2024

Government of Punjab has highlighted the new Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2024 with the mutual collaboration with the Government of Pakistan and Akhuwat Group. This project has been introduced for helping the unemployed and deprived people and serves them with the convenience of loan facility. This has been the first time that the Government of Punjab has brought out any plans for the poor and unemployed people.

But besides being the one of the beneficial plans for the poor people still the Political globe has been facing this step as just the way of making their number of voters increased in amount. One of its most prominent example has been the Yellow Cab Scheme that was highlighted in 1992 by Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

As we know that the Elections for 2013 is just about to knock down very soon so every single party is trying to grab the attention of the people through some useful manner and this scheme has been one of such sole projects. In the Yellow Cab Scheme in 1992 Nawaz Sharif was completely failed in attracting the interest of the people and with this scheme National Bank of Pakistan lost billions of rupees because of the failure of project.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2024


Additionally, the political critics has stated the statement that the government introduce such plans because the elections are just about to draw closer and most importantly all the money equipped for the schemes get wasted by the Government and they simply spent it in purchasing the luxurious cars.

As a result the unemployed people stayed as unemployed. So far all such yellow cabs that have been set up in major cities of Pakistan are no longer witnessed because the owners of the cars have changed the colors of the yellow cab. In the budget of 2011-2012 almost Rs. 4.50 billion has been accounted for the yellow cab scheme but no one knows where such amount is wasted.

When we look over the Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023 then it has been specified that approximate Rs. 20,000 will be offered to the 100,000 skilled people but still no addresses of the educated and qualified people have been mentioned than how they will search out for such people and distribute the money. On the whole we would say that this scheme is undoubtedly in the face of the usefulness of the unemployed people but this can just be possible if it is used merely for the people and not for the politicians themselves.

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