Samsung Galaxy Note III Price in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy Note III Price in Pakistan: Samsung has launched the new Samsung Galaxy Note III which will be in the market of almost 149 countries on the 25th of September 2013, as the loyal customers of Samsung are desperately waiting to experience the new Samsung launch. Many of the people will be comparing the New Samsung Galaxy Note III with the previous Samsung Galaxy Note II so for such people here is the review of the new Samsung launch as Samsung has increased the screen size on the Galaxy Note III by 0.2-inches as now its screen is 5.7 inches across.

Just like with the Samsung Galaxy S4, however, Samsung has managed to cram the screen into a body roughly the same size as its predecessor – the Note 2 in this case. The S Pen digitizer fits snuggly into the bottom right hand side of the phone when not in use. The price of the new Samsung Galaxy Note III will be US $666 which means that it will be approximately 70,000 PKR.

Samsung Galaxy Note III Price in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The operating system which will be running the 168 grams of advanced technology is the Android 4.3 which is considered to be the latest phone operating systems so far. The multi touch Super AMOLED screen having the resolution of 1080 x 1920, with the built in storage capacity of 32 GB with the additional card slot which is compatible for up to 64 GB external memory.

The new Android Note III will be having the Random Access Memory (RAM) of 3 GB with two cameras at both the front side and the rare side. The front side camera is a 2 Mega Pixel VGA camera while the rare which is the main camera is of 13 Mega Pixels. Samsung will be going with the Dual core, 2300MHz and 400 Krait; processor which will be processing through all the activities and functions that will be taking place in the new Galaxy product.

The new Galaxy Note III which will be costing $666 seemed to be slightly expensive as far as some people are concerned but once the product will be launched the people will be eager to experience the new product because now Samsung has created that all important goodwill which will increase the urge in the people especially the followers of Samsung to get this new launch in their use as soon as it will be released. So seriously, on the 25th of September thousands of people will be holding $666 in their hand to be one of the first users of the new Samsung Galaxy Note III.

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