Shaista Lodhi Hosting Her First Morning Show Right on Hum Sitaray

Yes, you have heard this quite right that Shaista Lodhi has now been hosting her ever first morning show right after taking a break and this ever first morning show of her is aired on Hum Sitaray channel.

Its first ever episode was on 14th Aug 2015. We saw that Shaista Lodhi took a break when she was messed up in the scandal while doing the morning show at the GEO channel. She did some unislamic things at her show, that is why the entire Islamic community stood against her, she just left that GEO morning show right at that time, she went out of country for some time. She too got married in that breaking time of her.

Sitaray Ki Subha With Shaista

Now we have been seeing that Shaista Lodhi is just back with a bang! Here at this post, we have been sharing the pictures of her, it is her ever first morning show on Hum Sitaray, you can check out the pictures right from this page. As you can see that she has been wearing this green colored on this Independence Day 2015 and she is looking more beautiful and prettier.

Hum Sitaray Ki Subha With Shaista

If you have not yet watched her morning show on this channel then it is the time to start watching it right now. We are sure that you will like this morning show on Hum Sitaray by Shaista Lodhi a lot! Just stay tuned with us and we will be giving you more updates about her.

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