Baluchistan Assembly Election Results 2013 and Seats Positions

Baluchistan Assembly Election Results 2013 and Seats Positions: In this piece of article we will be highlighting few details about Baluchistan Assembly results 2013. As we all know that amongst all the National Assemblies of Pakistan Baluchistan Assembly also holds the same imperative place and prominence amongst the people. Baluchistan Assembly has been switched with four Provincial Assemblies in which there are total 51 members that have been elected for the elections. In the Assembly there are 11 reserved seats for the women and additional five reserved seats for the non-Muslim as well.

Election-in-Pakistan ECP

Well if we see around the survey of the positions of all the parties within the Baluchistan then amongst all of them ANP has been one of such parties that have been much well known recognized in the Baluchistan state. No one can deny the fact that ANP has been contributing huge struggles and working inside the Baluchistan so it is quite predictable that the member of ANP has the maximum chances for winning the elections.

Well as on 11th May 2013 the Elections of Pakistan will be conducted so all the people who are in favor to know the Baluchistan Assembly results 2013 they are free to get connected with this webpage. They can get all the details about how much candidates have got how many votes and with what margin scale. In addition we will even continue to update the nation with the number of candidates that are travelling in the front line in this race.

So all the people out there if you belong to Baluchistan and want to know that which party will be ruling in this province for the next five years then just get connected with this webpage right now and we are sure that you will get all such details that are informative for your knowledge. So just avail this webpage right now!

Contesting Parties Balochistan
Summary 19/51
PML(N) 5
Independent 4
Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party
JUI(F) 0
JI 0
PML(Q) 1

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