Suzuki Mehran Price In Pakistan 2014 Model and Features

Suzuki Mehran Price In Pakistan 2014 Model and Features: Suzuki is a well-known name across each corner of the world. Suzuki Mehran is currently the most affordable family car in the country. The car was first time  introduced in the market in 1989. Suzuki Mehran is the most reliable brand of Pak Suzuki Motors which is the subsidiary of Suzuki in Pakistan. Usually Mehran lacks all the modern features of most demanded cars like airbags, rear windshield defogger and rear seat belts. But in past few years the fronts and the seat belt has introduced in it.

In the Year of 2006 the Suzuki mehran has sold first time as CNG Vehicle having CNG tanks, at that time it was one of the few cars all over the world having carburetor based engines now the current models have Efi engines with a lot of improvements. After a long period of time, the specifications of Mehran remain almost the same. So, we do not see much modification in the vehicle in 2014.

Suzuki Mehran Price In Pakistan 2014 Model



The New Model of Suzuki Mehran has Features like other Most Demanded Cars have.
Commendable Speed and Safety
4-Stroke Engine
Price Factor
Extended Mileage
5-Gear Transmission
Basic Interior
Basic Interior

Commendable Speed and Safety:
The maximum speed of this car is 130 km/h. This is more than enough for family journeys to enjoy a fast ride and stay within a safe speed limit at the same time. The transition from zero to 60 km/hour takes only 13 seconds which is commendable for a small car with an average engine.

4-Stroke Engine:
Mehran has a four stroke cycle engine which is water cooled. The power generated engine is enough for providing the passengers a great experience of smooth and pleasant riding.

Mehran offers 18 KM highway mileage and 16 KM city mileage.The car runs pretty smoothly even on the rough roads of the country.

5-Gear Transmission:
The car has 5 gears, 4 for forward drive and 1 for reverse. Therefore, you can drive up to four levels of speed.And you can enjoy the smooth and desirable riding.

Suzuki Mehran is a small vehicle which measures 129.9 inches in length with a width and height of 55.3 inches and 55.5 inches, respectively.
The wheelbase is 85.6 inches in diameter while the car’s turning radius is up to 4.4 meters.

Basic Interior:
The interior is not as spacious as other, such as Alto and Cultus. Mehran is a car which is manufactured with a small budget. So its has nothing more than basic features that should be expected from a small and low cost car.

Price Factor:
Suzuki Mehran price in Pakistan is within a range of  five to six hundred thousand rupees but its range might be increase approximately one lac in 2014.Its affordability is the main factor which contributes towards its popularity. Even a middle class citizen can also make their dream of having a personal vehicle true by purchasing this small vehicle with enhanced Suzuki Mehran features.

As the car remains unmodified for over a period of 24 years, some buyers consider it to be outdated and unattractive among other advanced vehicles in the market today. But on the other hand, Suzuki Mehran price still makes it popular in the eyes of buyers who are seeking a reliable vehicle to fulfill their transportation needs.

  • Mehran VX EURO II Rs. 600,000/-
  • Mehran S VXR EURO II Rs. 658,000/-

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