Tim Hortons Record Sales in Pakistan Spark Controversy

As Pakistan faces numerous challenges, including devastating floods affecting 30 million people, a struggling economy, and widespread food shortages, a Tim Hortons franchise has opened its doors in Lahore. Despite the country’s dire situation, the branch has seen long lines of customers waiting to purchase their coffee, with parking spaces filling up quickly.

People have been buying a 700 rupee coffee without hesitation, leading to record sales and the biggest opening day in the chain’s 60+ year history. This has elicited mixed reactions from the public, as the world watches Pakistan struggle and faces calls for default from international financial institutions.

The news of Tim Hortons record sales at a coffee chain in Pakistan, where hunger is a pervasive issue, has caused shock among the public. The internet, however, appears to view the opening of new branches as a positive development for the economy, and this seems to be the general reaction.


Here are some common questions and answers about Tim Hortons in Pakistan:

When did Tim Hortons open in Pakistan?

A: The information about when Tim Hortons opened in Pakistan is not provided in the context.

How many Tim Hortons locations are there in Pakistan?

A: The number of Tim Hortons locations in Pakistan is not specified.

What products does Tim Hortons offer in Pakistan?

A: It is not specified what products Tim Hortons offers in Pakistan, but it is safe to assume that they offer their signature coffee and baked goods, as well as other menu items that are available in other locations around the world.

What is the average price range for Tim Hortons products in Pakistan?

A: The average price range for Tim Hortons products in Pakistan is not specified, but it is mentioned that a 700 rupee coffee was purchased without hesitation.

What has been the public reaction to Tim Hortons in Pakistan?

A: The public reaction to Tim Hortons in Pakistan has been mixed, with some people being shocked about record sales in a country where hunger is a pervasive issue, while others view the opening of new branches as a positive development for the economy.

Tim Hortons Locations In Lahore


Address : 145-MB Main Boulevard commercial lane Phase 6 DHA. Lahore


Address: Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Rd, Lahore


Address : 94-D Main Blvd Gulberg, near Liberty Chowk, Block “D1” Gulberg III, Lahore

Tim Hortons Offical Website


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