Violence Against Women In Pakistan

Violence Against Women In Pakistan: Women in our society are as much important as men. In fact both men and women  make it possible for existing the progress and success of the society and nation. But this fact is not understood by any single person. The actual place of the women in the society is still lost and incomplete. We are fully aware from the concept and the behavior regarding the way women has been treated brutally in the past. In the Islamic history women were keen in taking interest in the spread of Islam and they were granted with equal freedom within their limitations but now in today’s world women neither have the freedom and nor she is kept in restrictions. Even she is just closed in the four walls house.

 Violence Against Women In Pakistan

In the rural areas all such women who went against the customs of the village are held to death forever. In the villages there is a committee termed as “Jirgah System” who make the final decision of the women and every single time the women was hanged to death.

The best example of women violence can even be taken from the death of Benazir Bhutto as she was a woman and was ready to fight for the excellence of this nation and so as for the women. But as a result all the doors of woman freedom were again closed with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. It is much sad to listen that still this world has been living in old rituals in which women cannot even visit the markets without her husband.

The extreme violence of women is just seen in Pakistan because this is the just country that is still far behind in the success and prosperity of their nation just because they are not granting equal rights to their women. The position of the women in our society is not much satisfactory. Most of the women living in the villages are uneducated and uncultured. They are just taught from the beginning of their life that they are just captured in one single house within the four walls. In simple words, this is their actual life.


There is no single person can deny back the importance of the women in the society. Men and women are said to be the wheels of one carriage that has to move together for enhancing their future life style. All the women must be given equal education so that it would make them aware from the fact that they are equal at men’s level.

They must be employed in all the fields so that they can remove their hesitation and get the chance to breathe in this world by moving shoulder to shoulder with men. On the whole there is no doubt about it that Pakistan has been filled with huge sum of complexities and difficulties and these problems can simply be erased when both men and women will equally become the part of the nation progress and superiority.

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